Workplace Violence

Workplace violence and domestic violence in the workplace cause devastating and long-lasting impacts on management and employees.

LIQUID Communications maintains a specialty practice in workplace violence prevention, intervention, and public communications.  LIQUID’s team of workplace violence communication professionals have managed some of the most dangerous and deadly acts of workplace violence in United States history.  As violent incidents increase in institutes of higher education, public and private schools, and on employers’ campuses, LIQUID has the experience to swiftly respond and guide you organization through one of the most difficult issues human resource and corporate officials face today.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace violence as any physical assault, threatening behavior or verbal abuse that occurs in the work setting. Acts such as psychological trauma due to threats, obscene phone calls, an intimidating presence and harassment of any kind are included.

Additionally, domestic violence that spills over into the workplace in the form of assaults, threats or other actions by outside parties with whom employees have relationships and that occur at the workplace is included in this context.

LIQUID’s experience implementing management strategies to reduce the likelihood of workplace violence incidences create corporate cultures committed to safe workplace environments.  In the event of workplace violence episodes, whether resulting in death or significant injury or less disastrous episodes, the communication professionals at LIQUID Communications are always ready to communicate the right message to every stakeholder.

Services we provide in workplace violence communication and consulting:

  • Development of internal management policies and controls
  • Workplace violence seminars emphasizing:
    • Management training and de-escalation communication strategies
    • Performance and Conduct Indicators/Predicators
    • Early Intervention Strategies
    • Emergency management protocols
  • Workplace Violence Policy Review
  • Internal Investigations
  • Internal communication
  • Media and public relations in the occurrence of a workplace violence episode
  • Crisis Communication, Public Relations
  • Litigation and Support Services
  • Public Affairs Briefings and Issues Management Counsel on Workplace Violence

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