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Whether plaintiff  or defendant, The Court of Public Opinion cares less about evidence presented at trial and more about the interpretation of your case. Often the publics’ understanding of your case is unclearly communicated.  The facts of your case may seem clear, yet your publics may easily misunderstand them. General misunderstanding of your case narrative shifts public opinion and leads to polarization, misinterpretation and erosion of public trust.  In highly charged litigation environments your publics are challenged to understand your story.  Without a clearly defined litigation communication plan, a communication cycle emerges that can present great damage to your brand, reputation and public trust.  At LIQUID, we clarify your case in The Court of Public Opinion.

Understanding Immediacy

Markets are insensitive to jury verdicts and simply do not wait to pass judgment.   In our hyper-connected world, proactive communication enables you to control your case narrative and business continuity.  Your publics cannot wait for the jury to return the verdict, and “no comment” is an ultimate failure when your stakeholders demand assurance and clarity.

LIQUID provides unique legal pr strategies that bring you closer to your publics.

We are different than traditional PR Firms. We closely integrate with our clients' legal counsel to protect their most valuable assets. Many of our communication experts can maintain attorney-client privilege through active, separate, legal practices. Our experts examine facts, determine communication strategies, and frame issues to protect our client’s brand and integrity.

Through our close integration with legal teams we create narratives and set the stage for public understanding related to disputes of material facts.  When we communicate, we speak directly to stakeholders, shareholders, and the public to provide critical information related to litigation. Through careful examination of the facts, we determine what is appropriate for public disclosure and shape our client’s narrative.  At LIQUID, we demystify your case and make the complex, simple.

Fact Finding

Properly executed investigations make decisive impacts on your legal strategy.

  • We are one of two communications firms that has in-house investigative teams, led by veterans of the intelligence community, former U.S. Secret Service agents, behavioral and psychological analysts, and experts in deception detection and statement analysis. 
  • We have extensive investigative experience that supports expert witness testimony, fact and witness background studies, and deposition-related research designed to enhance specific litigation goals
  • We locate the core of real issues and assist trial counsel in determining what course of action would be in the best interest of the company’s stakeholders.


We tear cases apart to find every narrative loophole, senseless statement and questionable response. Then we create narratives that close loopholes, clarify the senseless, and teach our clients how to avoid questionable responses. 

  • We prepare witnesses utilizing a variety of psychological techniques to reduce the impact of cross-examination and help witnesses understand how to remain in the box during live testimony at during a deposition or at trial.  
  • We assist with depositions providing real time feedback to trial counsel.  We analyze questions asked and responses given providing trial counsel with opportunities to discover new information during depositions. 
  • We utilize methods to measure defensive and offensive objectives to provide trial counsel with new insight into case and trial strategy.

At Trial

Our behavioral and psychological analysts utilize innovative techniques to trial counsel in selecting the perfect jury. 

  • We provide background information on each juror in seconds, and integrate in real time with trial counsel during voir dire. 
  • We discover subtle cues that lead to enhanced witness examination and interpret responses from witnesses during live testimony to provide valuable insight to trial counsel on avenues to follow during witness examination. 
  • We help trial counsel by seeing the unexpected.

Following the Verdict

Armed with well-prepared media statements that encourage transparency and communicate resolve.

  • We respond to the media and stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your legal team.
  • We never leave your side and always have receptive reporters open to understanding your narrative and version of the facts, regardless of how the jury returns the verdict.

Always On.

We're always ready, day or night, to deliver the best strategic communication advice to your company or organization.

Good forecasting is accurate, timely and reliable. We get to the heart of what's at stake fast to help our clients predict important outcomes and see a fuller range of strategic options.

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