Issues Management Practice

Forecasting Public Policy Concerns to Proactively Development Issues Management Strategies

LIQUID Communications maintains a practice specialty as a professional issues management firm.  Issues management is the process of facilitating communication leadership in organizations.  Through our expertise, we help organizations anticipate and develop strategic management processes that help detect and respond appropriately to emerging trends or changes in socio-political environments. 

Our team understands government and its agencies. We have many years of hands-on experience coordinating regulatory efforts, dealing with elected and appointed officials, managing policy and public relations. We know the formal and informal steps required to improve government and the bureaucracy to bring about positive change on behalf of our clients. We operate from the premise that sound strategy development is the cornerstone of success. We work with state and federal agencies to assure that every creative option is explored in the administration of regulations and permits that affect our clients.

Through LIQUID’s proprietary methodology, our Issues Management Practice provides our clients with the ability to determine trends that may crystallize into issues.  We help organizations prepare for situations that require the attention and concern of the organizations publics and stakeholders.  Through this process, our clients engage in proactive and responsive decision-making, enabling C-suite executives to be prepared for shifting stakeholder expectations and perceptions.  Our issues management team addresses gaps between the expectations of our clients and their publics that eliminate potentially negative consequences.

We help our clients identify issues that could present risk to business continuity, stakeholder trust, and operational management.

We identify issues through a comprehensive lifecycle analysis that involves all aspects of our client’s business operations, including the political and public policy landscape of our client’s business.  Through the process of identifying issues, whether policy or socially focused, early, emerging, current, crisis and dormant issues crystallization occurs allowing our clients to anticipate and adapt quickly.

We protect our clients by identifying, assessing and mitigating potential issues that pose a risk to our client’s reputation. This includes a daily review of pending issues – local and global – that are addressed by our client’s internal and external public affairs practice managers.  If a risk is identified, the issue is then triaged through a series of criteria and responded to according to the appropriate issues management plan.

When issues influencing the public perception of our clients are proactively identified and managed, many times, the crisis stage of issues management is avoided – thereby – reducing the risk to our clients.

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