Corporate Reputation Practice

The practice overview of our Corporation Reputation Firm:

Corporate reputation is an integral part of your enterprise that requires communication strategies to protect another valuable asset, your corporate reputation.  In an era where digital communication enables real time sharing of information, in seconds your enterprise can sustain significant, long-lasting, and negative impacts.  LIQUID safeguards your corporate reputation by swiftly defending internal and external attacks by activists, employees, regulators, and the plaintiff's bar.  

360 Degree Corporate Reputation and Communication Strategy

LIQUID’S 360 Degree Communication Strategy speaks directly to all stakeholders.  Through comprehensive and proactive corporate communication cycles, we utilize state of the art technology to monitor social engagement, facilitate real-time conversations, and embrace oppositional adversity.  Our 360° Communication Strategy recognizes information exchange as opportunity for meaningful engagement through real-time conversations which enhances trust.

We identify risk and avoid the plaintiff’s bar by pursuing resolutions to complex issues before they reach litigation.  Non-Governmental Organizations and regulators inquire and attack companies in a variety of ways ranging from product liability suits to labor issues. LIQUID provides decisive, intelligence based risk assessments to safeguard corporate reputation.  We address and resolve issues before they reach the plaintiff's bar or the watchful eye of regulators.

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