Public Affairs

Public Affairs and Public Policy Specialty Practice

When regulatory and legislative decisions hold your future in the balance, we elevate your narrative, to demonstrate unwavering support for your position.  Knowing the right legislators, regulators, and aids to communicate your position is only the first step in the development of a strategically designed public affairs strategy.  We run political-style campaigns that win issues. Whether it is troubling legislation, a crisis situation or attacks from the media, we analyze your issue, determine the strategy, and execute.

At LIQUID, we believe that public affairs excellence should focus on the development and management of long-term stakeholder relationships, based on trust.  We help our clients navigate institutional relationships, engage constructively in policy discussions, and build meaningful public and private partnerships to amplify their voice concerning the most important societal issues. 

With our global perspective, LIQUID has a unparalleled insight into the trends shaping the legislative and regulatory environments, and the right strategies to shape trends in the environments our clients operate. 

We understand that the world has changed and so has public engagement and advocacy. Over the last two decades, the world has experienced vast shifts in the core constructs of society: politics, economics and technology. The need for public engagement by business has never been greater, yet the challenges that businesses face have never been more complex. 

While a variety of political and economic trends exist, including the rise in the influence of non-state actors, the weakening of public trust in governments and democracy, a rapid advance in technological developments and compounding global societal issues, we provide our clients with trusted guidance that enable them to build long-term stakeholder relationships.  These relationships can do more than influence policy, they change the way our clients view their business from a global perspective.

Public Policy Advocacy

LIQUID’s public policy advocacy supports our clients in creating and executing policy driven campaigns to address issues of relevance to their organization, thereby enhancing public support. We develop and design strategies to:

  • Engage and empower constituent audiences at a hyper-local level.
  • Identify and profile key stakeholders’ attributes, issue preferences, and commitment levels for targeted communication actions.
  • Frame messages to communicate your position in a manner that earns respect, trust, and enables constructive ongoing dialogue.
  • Activate policy advocacy through digital and social methodologies designed to influence support and activism. 
  • Measure results in real time and modify response strategies accordingly.

Actionable Intelligence Drives Successful Policy Campaigns

Organizations need to have a profound understanding of their policy and stakeholder environment to engage effectively. Utilizing a combination of human intelligence and analytical tools, we develop research driven models to assess political and environmental risk and provide our clients with real-time, actionable, intelligence on political and regulatory developments.

We apply our proven methodology of managing perceptions and behavior based on an integrated campaigning model that combines the best practice strategy and process from consumer brand, corporate and political campaigning. We use collective intelligence, policy advocacy, and public engagement to enable a positive environment to shape the better policy outcomes.


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