Product Liability

Speciality Practice: Product Liability Public Relations

LIQUID Communication’s Product Liability team has extensive experience in high exposure product liability cases. We manage simple and complex product liability cases.

Product failures are common, and many times, are not solely the responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer, however, has the legal responsibility to insure the safety of their products. Product liability cases are extremely dangerous, affecting your company’s corporate reputation as they directly influence public trust, erode market share and affect shareholder trust.

Litigation can be costly and time consuming.  LIQUID’s team of product liability public relations experts work closely with clients to prevent product liability claims before they arise.

The catastrophic impacts that product liability cases have on your stakeholders demonstrated through the audio you are about to hear, is catastrophic.  The testimony is disturbing, but illustrates how one victim’s testimony can resonate with your stakeholders.

Product liability issues and litigation present a wide array of challenges to product manufacturers and sellers. These challenges range from loss prevention and risk management, through regulatory compliance and litigation, to public relations and even white collar criminal matters.

Applying Our Product Liability Knowledge and Industry Experience to Safeguard Your Business

When you work with our product liability team, you employ the resources of one of the country’s most experienced crisis management firms as well as a team of lawyers that will seamlessly integrate with in-house counsel to decisively limit your exposure.

LIQUID’s record of responding to the full scope of related issues, including product design, testing, manufacturing, marketing and contract issues is unmatched.

Diversified Experience Provides the Public Relations Representation You Need

From aviation, alcoholic beverages, automotive products, chemicals, electronic devices, firearms and food products to industrial machinery, power tools, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and a wide array of consumer products, we understand your industry and its risks.

The relationship between product liability and regulatory compliance issues

Product liability matters often have close relationships to regulatory compliance issues. Working with our government and public law teams, our product liability firm can provide client protection on this front as well. We have extensive experience with the range of federal agencies relevant to these issues, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, and others, and can assist with compliance to existing regulations and navigation of the investigatory processes.

We Take Risk Management to a New Level

The ultimate goal of any effective product liability strategy is the management of risk and its attendant financial consequences. Circumstances will sometimes dictate aggressive litigation and trial strategies; at other times, creative resolution efforts and active pursuit of settlements may be required. We understand this, and have experience with a full range of options along this continuum. We assist with a judgment as to which methodology to employ and how to best execute it to achieve our client's goals. Ultimately, we understand that the client's reputation and overall costs, including litigation costs, are the measures of success of any product liability strategy.

Crisis Management

Product liability crises can emerge almost instantly and, when fueled by media attention, rapidly expand to nearly overwhelm the product manufacturer or seller. Responses may be required simultaneously on public relations, governmental and litigation fronts. LIQUID’s product liability team has successfully handled such situations and can assist with means to control and stabilize them, so that clients can regain the ability to conduct reasoned and strategic decision-making.






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