Settlement Negotiations

Settlement Negotiations and Complex Litigation/Pre-Litigation Settlement Negotiations Specialty Practice

The other side is watching as the dispute takes shape in the Court of Public Opinion. The best communications strategy weakens the opposition’s position, shakes the opposition’s confidence, and encourages the most favorable resolution.

LIQUID Communications maintains a specialty practice in settlement negotiations of all civil and criminal matters, including pre-mediation, settlement conferences.  Many times, corporations are unaware of the risks to public reputation that evolve from the complexities of complex trials, media coverage, and negative publicity.

LIQUID specializes in resolving complex conflicts involving liability issues, criminal civil and criminal matters, often before the cause reaches reach the litigation phase.  We explore the facts of each unique case, examine our client’s risk exposure, and determine the best action to take to weaken the opposition’s position and encourage a favorable outcome. We then engage counsel to draft binding settlement agreements and release of claims to completely eliminate the risk of rebound litigation.

LIQUID limits the cost of litigation by identifying risks early, often, before litigation counsel becomes involved in a particular case.  Our unique approach blends our strength in strategic communication with our experience in negotiation strategies that reduce the financial impact to your organization.  Our firm maintains an international practice in this specialty, managing cases in Canada, the United States, and Latin America in all jurisdictions and courts.  

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