About Our Firm

The Evolution of our Strategic Public Relations Firm

Our increasingly complex world demands a new approach to public relations, one that coexists with marketing and advertising, and embraces a continually evolving communication landscape.  In this environment mergers and acquisitions are a cornerstone of corporate expansion.  LIQUID’s approach to public relations and strategic communication encourages engagement while maintaining control of your narrative.  LIQUID's broad scope of PR service offerings  have evolved alongside today's fluid communication landscape. 

Our PR Firm's History

After years of dedicated client service our firm’s mission has never been more tangible as mobile, social, and on demand communication have dramatically changed the communication ecosystem. 

From inception our firm focused on creating full-scale public communication strategies in anticipation of future communication tools and needs.  We understood that communication strategies needed to be agile, effective and behavior changing.  Founding Partner, Christopher Donahue recognized the need for enhanced communication strategies early in his career – strategies that embraced a strong demand for mobility – and embraced the urgency of on demand public engagement.  Through our leadership in the public relations industry our firm has earned the respect of clients from virtually every market sector. 

LIQUID has grown from one full time employee to 15 full, 9 part time, and a network of 65 worldwide affiliates, subsidiaries and contractors. LIQUID evolved from a small shop to a full service communications firm with the resources to manage the most demanding communications initiatives.

Our Approach to Client Service

Our approach to each core practice and specialty embraces the creativity of innovative thought, open dialogue with our clients, ongoing research and development, and receptive attitudes to emerging trends.  We are forward thinking, strategic in nature, and precise in our execution of our clients’ communications goals.  We command the trust of our clients and demand the best strategic thought from our associates, partners, and contractors.

How We See Our Future

Our firm intends to remain agile and highly capable.  We respond at a moment’s notice to our clients' ever-changing communications goals and business landscapes.  We are an independent public relations firm and our commitment is to remain that way.  Our deep and longstanding relationships continue to flourish and benefit our clients while new relationships will stand the test of time.  Each relationship, founded on the principals of hard earned trust, transitions to our clients as we develop new relationships that enable our firm to exceed our client's communications goals.  Just ask any one of our clients who has called for advice at 1 a.m., our firm never sleeps.

We have developed and embraced an evolutionary culture that embraces the urgency and immediacy of now.  We rise to challenges, overcome obstacles, and have grown to be one of the most influential, cross-sector, boutique strategic public communications firms in practice today.


Always On.

We're always ready, day or night, to deliver the best strategic communication advice to your company or organization.

Good forecasting is accurate, timely and reliable. We get to the heart of what's at stake fast to help our clients predict important outcomes and see a fuller range of strategic options.

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