Top Public Relations Firm Gives Tips to Build Your Brand and Enhance Loyalty

The value of well executed public relations campaigns in your integrated digital and traditional marketing campaigns is by far the best return on engagement in your communications, advertising and marketing budget.  There is no comparison to the value of a well-structured, authentic, and highly focused public relations strategy.  

Many times business owners and corporate executives tend to forget how public perception, at every level, reflects on your brand.  Brand credibility is built on various fundamental principles and the more “likeable” your brand, the more loyal your customers will be and the more interested new customers will be in joining your brand “revolution”.  Building the most traction and engagement from your integrated public relations campaigns involves simple, direct messaging, that is often overlooked.  Follow these straight forward public relations guidelines and you can have more successful brand communications resulting in more sales and higher customer growth and retention.

Be Real - Public Relations isn't about fooling anyone:

Your customers know the difference, they can tell when you’re trying to be something you’re not.  Authenticity is one of the leading methods of building brand; both loyalty and likeability.  When placed in difficult situations, don’t try to over massage the issue.  Simply state the facts and mitigate the outcome through your openness and sincerity.

Be aware of the space around you, know what your brand is up to, your story is your playing card:

Many times brands tend to focus on the audience they have already acquired, therefore your brand story continues through the same circles, never reaching new targets and potential audiences.  Watch what’s trending with your brand and focus your efforts and PR strategies on acquiring new audiences with similar interests as your core. 

Listen closely to your customers, they'll give you what you need to succeed:

Your customers provide you with in-depth, insightful analysis of what you’re doing right, and more importantly, what you’re doing wrong or not doing at all.  Your customers offer the best feedback of all.  They’re honest and most of all, sincere.  They’re providing your brand feedback because of an experience, positive or negative, that they had with your brand. 

Allow your brand to mature, on its own schedule, don't force anything, allow maturity to happen on it's own schedule:

While it’s important to deliver your message clearly to the masses, don’t forget that your first message is the one most remember.  Your first impression is often the one that sticks.  All to often we see clients trying to force a new product to market lacking the right sales channels or simply not mature enough with regard to media and media assets to fulfill the product promotional needs.  Make sure your product is solid, your website is working correctly, and your marketing materials are bulletproof.  Then be consistent with your messaging, regular with your communication, and interactive with your audience.

Recognize the power that well designed public relations campaigns can have on your brand.

Well-designed public relations campaigns can have dramatic impacts on your brand and its success.  Emergent brands as well as established brands should be acutely aware of the impact a product write-up, organic tweet or key personality can have on your brand.  PR campaigns play a vital role in creating new sales channels, creating cohesion among stakeholders and influencers and the spread of your brand butter on a national and global scale.

Liquid Communications has an intimate understanding of the brand boosting power of tightly integrated, well targeted, public relations campaigns.  Public Relations is a never ending cycle of communicating with your audience, managing relationships, controlling crisis’s, and creating success through well designed, closely integrated campaigns. 


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