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Liquid Communications maintains an office in lower Manhattan.  Our public relations firm maintains practice areas in consumer marketing, financial, technology, corporate communications, health and wellness, digital/social media, government and public affairs, crisis communication and entertainment industries.  

Public Relations Firm located in Manhattan, New York

We create communication strategies that affect public opinion.  From litigation communication to matters sensitive to public trust, we effectively communicate with your publics to reinforce your brand integrity.  We craft narratives that impact your publics, create honest engagement with your brand, and influence dramatic change in public opinion. Whether your firm is engaged with the media or only receives occasional coverage, Liquid Communications can improve your public relations impact through our proprietary 360-degree communication strategy.  We influence all stakeholders.

Our 360-degree communication strategy rests on the need for changing behavior and brand perception.  Combining earned and paid media, Liquid Communications effectively delivers your message to the right audience, at the right time, every time.  We focus on touching your stakeholders through compelling communications strategies aimed to channel both traditional and interactive media. 

Our New York Public Relations Practice Builds Solid Bridges Between Your Brand And The Public

As one of the most influential public relations agencies in New York, Liquid Communications provides clients with an honest assessment of their communications objectives, resulting in long lasting, and time-tested relationships.

In New York Dynamic Growth Opportunities Exist For Companies With Well Deployed Public Relations Strategies

As a fully integrated firm, Liquid Communications provides clients with a 360 degree view of your businesses media objectives, identifying potential risks and rewards, and making logical analysis of public relations return on investment in your marketplace. For the past 15 years, Liquid Communications has developed trusted relationships with key newsmakers in New York and can leverage those relationships to tell your brand’s story or hedge an evolving problem.

The public relations agency offers our clients a complete portfolio of services that include brand building, product launches, events and promotions, corporate social responsibility, corporate communications, crisis management and digital inspiration.

We believe in interactive and close client-agency relationships.  You are not simply a number on our balance sheet.  Unlike overextended, impersonal firms, we are a specialty firm who carefully manages our client base so that we have the time and dedication to deliver outstanding public engagement to each and every client we represent.

As our client, you keep your hands on the wheel, while we keep our eyes on the road.  We pride ourselves on our innovative strategic planning, creativity and successful team approach with each of our client's core communications objectives.

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