Litigation and Trial Consultants

Litigation and Trial Consulting Specialty Practice

LIQUID provides a variety of services to support litigation teams during trial.  From jury selection through closing arguments our experienced trial consultants provide the knowledge and expertise to assist in your trial strategy. 

Trial research and consulting is more than merely picking a favorable jury.  At LIQUID we aim to evolve real-time conversations, provide feedback to trial counsel as their case progresses and most importantly, arm litigators with an understanding of what decision makers are thinking as your case evolves.

Our research reports provide strategic and specific ideas for presenting your case.  Armed with information your case sharpens, strategies improve, and narratives become clear for jurors.

When trial counsel understands how decision makers view your case and how they arrive at their decisions, you are enabled to make more informed, logical, decisions about your case strategy.  At LIQUID, we are at your side, every step of the way.

Venue Evaluation Research

Venue Evaluation Research tests the attitudes of jury-eligible citizens .We determine venues that are most favorable for litigation based on quantifiable metrics, socioeconomic profiling, and in-depth behavioral analysis.  Our research yields a short list of preferred venues.

Bench Study or Arbitration Panel Study

Bench Studies and Arbitration Panel Studies zero in on the strongest and weakest arguments of both sides. Our focus is to provide a precise assessment of the real receptivity of your argument.  We prepare your trial team with critical understandings of the most challenging issues.

Jury Profiling Research

Jury profiling research produces the most effective voir dire questions permitted in your venue.  We provide background information on each juror in seconds, and integrate in real time with trial counsel during voir dire.  Our aim is to discover subtle cues that lead to enhanced voir dire examinations and interpret verbal and nonverbal responses to deliver valuable insight to trial counsel on avenues to follow during examination. 

Opening Statement Study

Prior to your opening statement, we study its emotional appeal and overall impact.  During trial, our opening statement studies measure the impact of opening statements by placing surrogate jurors in court to evaluate your delivery.  In the alternative, we may read an opening statement transcript to select surrogate jurors, in a separate controlled environment, to determine juror receptivity to your opening statement and remarks.

The Shadow Jury

A shadow jury is monitored during proceedings and interviewed intensively each evening. Their reactions and opinions provide invaluable feedback on the effectiveness of your presentation and the dynamics of trial.  This strategy provides you with a concrete platform to address qualified areas of confusion on the next day of trial.

Real-Time Strategy Development

Real time strategy development revisits earlier research in light of the jury selected and late-breaking developments in the case.

The LIQUID Strategy

The LIQUID Strategy tests case strategies and themes until you are confident that you have developed the most persuasive narrative possible.  Arguments are fine-tuned by examining responses from surrogate jurors. 

Witness Evaluation Research

Witness Evaluation Research auditions possible fact and expert witnesses in front of surrogate jurors and helps polish their presentations before they are deposed or deliver live testimony at trial.

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