Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct Management Specialty Practice

LIQUID recognizes the stark reality that higher education institutions, high schools, trade schools, athletic organizations, spiritual organizations and many others holding high degrees of public trust face reputation damaging, often unjustified exposure to trust erosion, when members of their organizations are accused of personal misconduct that victimizes innocent people, in many cases children, the elderly and mentally ill.

How we manage employee misconduct

We have long worked sensitively and effectively behind the scenes, to provide strategic thinking that confronts the abusive behavior by our client’s employees that presents the immediate danger of long-lasting damage to organizational reputation. We construct transparent response strategies, working diligently to impact stakeholders with truthful, actionable, change that confront the issue and address it head on.

While employee misconduct can take various forms, not just sex scandals, but gambling, workplace violence, and substance abuse, where appropriate we work to vindicate the accused.  Many times, though, it is the organization itself that we defend, in and out of the media.  Many times, the organization is the victim also.

Our services during an employee misconduct incident include:

  1. Internal crisis management strategies intended to maintain continuity of business.
  2. External crisis management services to work diligently to restore public trust.
  3. Stake holder communication
  4. Traditional public relations services
  5. Social media crisis management and strategic response
  6. Reputation management 

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