Cyber Security and Privacy

Specialty Practice - Data Security and Privacy:

LIQUID’s Data Security technologists and communication experts are the recognized leader in managing cyber security and data privacy concerns. We proactively manage and maintain your corporate reputation in the event of a cyber-attack or data compromise. We are battle-tested communicators that proactively address your customers, shareholders, board of directors and regulatory agencies in the event of a cyber-attack or breach of sensitive information.

LIQUID manages sensitive and contentious crisis situations related to data security and privacy and has played critical roles in several high profile security breaches that affected millions of consumers and constitutes, including the 2014 cyber- attack on eBay the State of Montana Department of Health, and J.P. Morgan. 

We continually refine our approach, developing new and innovative ways of explaining increasingly complex cyber-security and data privacy issues, to protect your most valuable asset – your corporate identity and stakeholder trust.

While no company is immune to a cyber-attack or security breach, whether state sponsored, caused by malware, criminal hackers, or ISMS failures, cyber-attacks place your enterprise on the world stage, watching how you respond.  We create response strategies that promote trust, transparency, and information sharing. 

We help our clients:

  1. Understand the risks associated with ISMS, through comprehensive risk assessments, and cyber security response analysis.
  2. Manage communications following a cyber-attack or security breach.
  3. Proactively integrate with law enforcement at the local, regional, and federal authorities to identify and apprehend cyber criminals.
  4. Elevate corporate executives as leaders in their ecosystem dedicated to data security and electronic privacy.
  5. Support the data security community to create best practices and guidance on intrusion response strategies.
  6. Elevate public confidence in your enterprise data security policies and procedures, reshaping consumer opinions about data privacy and electronic data protection mechanisms.  

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