Christopher Donahue - Founding Partner

Under Donahue’s leadership, Liquid Communications elevates the standard of global communication strategy, brand enhancing communications, digital and social engagement, and brand protection for corporations and major institutions.  Donahue is regarded as one of the most influential spokespersons and strategic thinkers in the public relations practice.

As Liquid Communication’s Founding Partner his vision of creating a forward thinking approach to strategic public relations and communications has positioned Liquid Communications as an influential force in the public relations, public affairs, and digital communications sectors. 

Donahue oversees all aspects of Liquid’s practice competencies and specialty practice areas.  Donahue oversees Liquid’s representation of public and private sector clients and maintains a high level of involvement in the day to day operation of the firm.

His diversified experience has been instrumental in the management of domestic and foreign communication strategies, including the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Virginia Tech Massacre, and multiple cases involving workplace violence.  Donahue specializes in complex public communication initiatives and integrates with each practice associate seamlessly.  Donahue proactively engages with many of the firm’s clients insuring the highest level of service, representation, and strategic thought. 

“We deliver the highest level of attention and results for each of our clients.  Each associate and partner needs to be involved in that process to understand all perspectives and deliver an outstanding result,” says Donahue.  "We get to the heart of what's at stake, to help our clients predict important outcomes and see a fuller range of strategic options."

Donahue lectures on the anatomy of a crisis, relationships with law enforcement, integration with local and national media, managing stakeholder relationships, internal and external communication strategy, issues management, high risk negotiations, pre-litigation negotiation strategies, public engagement, deception detection, and persuasion. 


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